City of Subiaco - sunset@subi Chris Gibbs & The Transmission Concert
iconSubiaco WA – 26.9˚
Morning Clouds. Warm.

sunset@subi Chris Gibbs & The Transmission Concert

The sunset@subi free concert series covers a mix of sounds and genres suitable for the whole family. Concert-goers are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner and a mat or low chairs to enjoy the beautiful Perth evenings. A dessert van will be available at each venue.
Join the City of Subiaco for the sunset@subi concert featuring Chris Gibbs & The Transmission Concert at Theatre Gardens.
With a distinctly laid-back style, Chris writes melodic, easylisteningmusic with touches of blues, rock and funk, and with a sound reminiscent of bands like Steely Dan and TOTO. 

NOTE: Please do not attend this event if you are feeling unwell. We ask that all guests maintain good hand hygiene and utilise the hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities available when attending events. Please maintain social distancing when attending events and if you have any concerns raise them with our friendly staff.

Event details
Event location: Other venue
Address: Theatre Gardens
Event date: Sunday 3 January 2021
Event time: 5pm to 7pm
Price: Free
Event category: Arts and culture, Recreation and sport, Environment, Council, Family, Youth
Suitable for: Children, Adults, Seniors