City of Subiaco - What’s happening on Rokeby Road South?
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What’s happening on Rokeby Road South?
Saturday 2 June 2018

You might have heard about the proposed changes to planning and development in the Rokeby Road South area. With several different but related items currently in progress, it can seem quite confusing. The city is building a holistic vision and plan for the area that connects the dots between various proposals and sets a clear direction for the future.

Scheme Amendment No. 35

Scheme Amendment No. 35 refers to proposed changes to the current town planning scheme which would affect a section of Rokeby Road between Hamersley and Nicholson roads. The amendment, which was submitted by a land owner in November 2017, would allow for increased plot ratios and four storey buildings up to 18 metres in height.
All scheme amendments must follow a statutory planning process, which is explained here.
During the public advertising period, over 200 submissions were received and the planning issues raised by the community need to be carefully considered.

In light of this, the city has been granted an extension until 9 November 2018 to respond to the Western Australian Planning Commission. This additional time will allow the city to undertake detailed precinct planning to address the matters raised in the submissions and inform the city’s consideration of the amendment, including any potential modifications.

Precinct planning

Over the next six to eight months, the city will begin precinct planning for the Rokeby Road South area which may include built form and urban design studies, as well as the preparation of a local development plan.

Built form and urban design studies are high-level documents that look at the types of buildings and development in an area and assess how these interact with the streetscape and public spaces around them. These studies will look at buildings and land in Rokeby Road South in the context of their surroundings including the town centre, Kings Park, Thomas Street and nearby residential areas, particularly those with heritage value.

These documents will help set aspirations and guiding principles for development in the area.

A local development plan will translate the outcomes of these studies into development rules and direction. The local development plan could include rules around height, plot ratio, amalgamation, setback, vehicle access and parking, landscaping and sustainable building design.

This precinct planning will be done collaboratively with the local community and will focus on both sides of Rokeby Road South. It will also take into consideration the draft Rokeby Road South Streetscape Masterplan.

Draft Rokeby Road Streetscape Masterplan

At the 15 May 2018 Council meeting, $756 900 was allocated in the draft 2018/19 budget for parts of the draft Rokeby Road South streetscape upgrade. The project looks at ways to reduce vehicle speed, prioritise pedestrian movement and enhance the character of the area through safety techniques like narrowing the road, adding more street trees and lighting and removing the medium strip.

Before the project gets the green light for public consultation, the city will prepare a report to Council explaining how the work done on the streetscape project fits within the wider planning context and the upcoming precinct planning. 

Consultation on the draft Rokeby Road Streetscape Masterplan is likely to begin once consultation on the draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5 closes.

Draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5

The draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5 is a city-wide planning document that proposes changes to density and land zoning across the City of Subiaco. In the Rokeby Road South area, the draft scheme proposes increased plot ratios, the potential for four storey buildings up to 17 metres in height and bonuses up to five storeys where land is appropriately amalgamated.

The draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5 is not the final document and your input could influence the outcome. The Minister for Planning and the Chairman of the Western Australian Planning Commission have each indicated that they will work with the city for the best design outcomes.

The consultation period closes on Friday 13 July and the city will have four months to evaluate all responses received and identify issues raised by the community. Outcomes from the precinct planning will help inform any changes proposed to the local planning scheme for Rokeby Road South.

A council recommendation will be forwarded to the Western Australian Planning Commission for assessment, and the Minister for Planning will make the final decision on the scheme.

You can make a submission on the draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5 at