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Innovative solution for pollution
Wednesday 30 October 2019

The first Seabin in an Australian lake was installed today by the City of Subiaco to help prevent pollution from entering the ocean, prevent wildlife from ingesting floating litter, improve water cleanliness, and reduce the risk of algal blooms. 

The Seabin – an innovative Australian product made from recyclable material that collects plastics, debris and water pollution, including surface oil – has been installed in ports and marinas around the world, but has not been used in an Australian lake up until now. 

The Seabin is in Subiaco Common Lake directly in front of a storm water drain to help prevent pollution from reaching our oceans. 

It will reduce the need for regular manual labour to clean up surface litter and pollution, providing value for money for our ratepayers. Within its second year, the City will be ahead on the investment, saving approximately $7000 a year.

It will providing autonomous and continuous collection of organic and inorganic debris, including plastic particles, cigarette butts, food packaging and plastic bags, while increasing awareness of the issue of water pollution. 

City of Subiaco Mayor Penny Taylor said the City was excited to be the first Australian users to put a Seabin to use in a lake and only the second council in WA to purchase a Seabin. 

“Not only will this Seabin save time and money for ratepayers, but it demonstrates how – at the request of our community – we’re becoming a more sustainable and innovative council,” she said. 

“Sustainability underpins our daily operations and this technology can have a real and measurable impact on a precious resource that is enjoyed by much of the community each and every day, so that future generations can enjoy it too.” 

The Seabin was installed under the existing deck in the lake where it will have little impact on the aesthetics of the lake. All waste will be recycled or reused where possible. 

Seabin facts: 

  • The submerged water pump is capable of displacing 25,000 Lph, which is pumped back into the water body leaving litter and debris trapped in the catch bag 
  • One Seabin is capable of collecting up to 20kg, including micro plastics down to 2mm small 
  • Each Seabin is made from recyclable material 
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The Seabin before installation at Subiaco Common Lake