City of Subiaco - Community scorecard results released
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Community scorecard results released
Wednesday 13 November 2019

The City of Subiaco received a 99 per cent positive rating for the performance of its library and information services, along with a number of other industry leading results in its latest Community Scorecard.
The scorecard survey was conducted earlier this year to evaluate community priorities and measure performance against key indicators in the Strategic Community Plan, with the results recently released.
Most of the services the City provides to the community received high positive ratings. Other particularly high scoring areas, include Lords Recreation Centre, access to public transport, weekly rubbish collections, and playgrounds, parks and reserves, alongside a 91 per cent positive rating for festivals, events and cultural activities.
Tree management, and lighting of streets and public places were among some of the industry highs, with the most improved areas from the previous scorecard being fortnightly recycling collections, youth services and facilities, traffic management on local roads, and management of food health, noise and pollution issues.
“The Community Scorecard is a great touch point for us to see what areas we’re performing in and where the community wants us to focus our attention going forward,” Chief Executive Officer Rochelle Lavery said.
“It also allows us to check in to ensure we’re delivering on the Strategic Community Plan, which was developed directly from community consultation and feedback.”
The scorecard highlighted the areas the community wants the City to prioritise, including commercial parking, town centre development, demonstrating transparency and that the community is listened to in decision making.
“We have done some work in these areas already, including introducing free parking on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays, adopting parking precinct plans across the City, and developing and implementing one of the first Place Plans in WA to encourage visitation and vibrancy in the town centre,” Ms Lavery said.
“Earlier this year we made Council Agenda Briefing Forums open to the public and we’re now increasing the City’s Subiaco Snapshot email newsletter so that we can report on Council decisions each month directly to the community – so sign up if you haven’t already.
“We’re keen to continue working on the community’s focus areas going forward, while ensuring we deliver a strong and stable future for Subiaco by supporting residents, business owners and visitors.”
To view the results in full, download the 2019 Community Scorecard.

Community Scorecard highlights:

  • Playgrounds, parks and reserves: 93% positive rating
  • Library and Information services: 99% positive rating
  • Subiaco Museum: 96% positive rating
  • Festivals, events and cultural activities: 91% positive rating
  • Animal and pest control: 94% positive rating