City of Subiaco - Council backs LPS5 but opposes Minister’s Rezoning Modifications
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Council backs LPS5 but opposes Minister’s Rezoning Modifications
Tuesday 7 January 2020

The City of Subiaco will ask the Minister for Planning, Rita Saffioti, not to proceed with modifications to Local Planning Scheme 5 beyond those already approved by the Council with widespread community support.

The draft LPS5 that Council unanimously endorsed to return to the WAPC in mid-2019 after exhaustive community consultation and more than sixteen hundred public submissions which garnered community support for a Planning Scheme that far exceeded the government’s housing infill targets.

A special meeting of Council called to consider the Minister’s determination on LPS5, announced on the 18th of December 2019, has welcomed the removal of blanket density imposed by the Western Australian Planning Commission, in which more than sixteen hundred lots in Shenton Park and Daglish were earmarked for high density, threatening character and heritage areas.

However, Council’s view is that further modifications ordered by the Minister imposing high density zoning changes to small areas on Onslow Road and near the Shenton Park and Daglish train stations, are not the best outcome for the City or the affected residents. It will see high density directly abutting low density single residential properties, in some cases in heritage listed areas, all without transition zones, exactly the outcome that the council and the community had been striving to prevent. Further the Council regards a rezoned area in South West Daglish as inappropriate for higher density as it will impact heritage and/or character homes within and neighbouring the precinct, it is remote from train stations, is not on main roads and not in an activity centre.

The Council’s view is the 200- plus properties affected by the rezoning, which City Planners estimate will potentially yield only 141 new residences, will achieve little in boosting overall density that already well exceeds targets (8300 approx. v 6140 target), but will do considerable damage to the community’s faith in the consultation process, and may severely impact both financially and in amenity hundreds of properties neighbouring the rezoning.

While the Council commends the Minister’s support generally for the positive new planning framework that unlocks the development potential of the Subiaco Town Centre, Hay Street and areas around Subiaco Oval and the former Princess Margaret Hospital, taking pressure off infill in most heritage and character areas, it does not agree with the small and unnecessary rezonings in the train station areas, South West Daglish and Onslow Road which unfairly impact a number of City residents.

The Council will ask the Minister to revert to the LPS5 supported by the Council and the community. It will also request the Minister meet with a delegation of City Councillors before approving any changes to the Council and community supported LPS5.

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