City of Subiaco - Local government policies to support LPS5 in delivering good design and development outcomes
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Local government policies to support LPS5 in delivering good design and development outcomes
Wednesday 12 June 2019

The recommendation to forward draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS5) to the Western Australian Planning Commission with no further modifications will be considered by council next week. City of Subiaco planning officers analysed 298 submissions on the modifications and are recommending the use of local and State planning policies and processes to address the concerns raised.

Analysis of submissions

The submissions showed overwhelming support for the city’s modifications which protect character and heritage value by removing blanket densities around Daglish and Shenton Park train stations. This modification was a direct response to community feedback in 2018.

Densities earmarked for more than 1,300 lots in character areas were scrapped. Using a nuanced approach, more appropriate density was allowed for in locations close to existing services, public transport and major roads.

Other submissions showed mixed views on areas where higher density codes are proposed.

Some submissions raised concerns around the interface between higher and lower densities, poor development outcomes, and the impact of new development on the village character and community feel. The analysis of submissions acknowledges these concerns and recommends existing measures such as local planning policies, the R-Codes for Apartments (Design WA) and the use of the city’s Design Review Panel to address these issues. 

Other submissions related to matters covered in the council endorsed draft Local Planning Strategy. All community feedback will be sent to the WAPC for its consideration.

Dwelling targets

The submissions highlighted some confusion about the State Government’s dwelling targets for the City of Subiaco. The State set the minimum additional dwelling target for the City at 6,140. 

In the preparation of the Local Planning Strategy, the city demonstrated how it can meet this target by accommodating up to 8,350 possible dwellings in targeted growth areas by 2050 and beyond, with most density planned for the Subi East Redevelopment Area, the town centre and along major roads like Hay Street.

The actual number of dwellings to be constructed depends on many factors outside the scope of the planning system, including the willingness of owners to sell or develop their property; the property market; and finance availability.

Following the 18 June Ordinary Council Meeting, the council recommendation will be sent to the WAPC which will make a recommendation to the Minister for Planning. The Minister will make the final decision on LPS5.