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Changes to recycling 2017–2018

In 2016, the city conducted a review of its waste collection service in an effort to find cost efficiencies, bring the city in line with other Western Metropolitan Regional Councils (WMRC) and comply with the Australian Standards for waste and recycling. As part of this process, council endorsed a number of recommended changes at its October 2016 meeting.

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Phase 1: Comingled recycling, collected fortnightly

In March 2017, the city moved to comingled recycling, collected fortnightly.

Your-new-waste-and-recycling-system_Page-1-of-flyer-(4).jpgPhase 2: Roll-out of 240-litre, yellow-topped recycling bins

On Monday 5 February 2018, the city began rolling out 240-litre, yellow-topped recycling bins to replace the existing 120-litre yellow and red-topped recycling bins. This second phase aims to further streamline the recycling process and assist us in meeting Australian Standards.

Commercial properties that require extra recycling bins should place a request with the city by completing the online bin service request form or calling the waste department on 9387 0921.

Below is a map outlining the recycling bin collection schedule. The city is split into two areas labelled ‘Week 1’ and ‘Week 2’, which indicate the week in which your recycling is collected. See calendar for dates.
All general waste is collected weekly as per the existing schedule. If you have any queries, see the frequently asked questions below or call the city on 9387 0921.

Map and calendar


Frequently asked questions

Why did the city make changes to waste services?
The city made changes to maximise cost efficiency, bring it in line with other Western Metropolitan Regional Councils and comply with the Australian Standards. The decision to review the service was resolved in the ordinary council meeting on 25 October 2016.

What are the Australian Standards?
The Australian Standards have been created to enhance the nation’s economic efficiency, foster international competitiveness and contribute to community demand for a safe and sustainable environment. With regard to waste and recycling, the standards ensure that all waste, recycling and green waste bins have a set-colour lid to clearly define which items go in each bin. This system assists in better resource recycling and decreasing the amount of reusable items going to landfill.

What if I don’t have enough space in my 240-litre recycling bin?

To create more space, remove lids from containers and flatten all  boxes. Ensure items are placed loosely in the bin and not in bags. If there is still not enough space, items can be taken to JFR (Jim) McGeough Resource Recovery Facility, formerly the Brockway Waste Transfer Station, on Lemnos Street, Shenton Park. The facility accepts glass, plastic and metal recyclables at no charge.

I run a business that produces a lot of recycling – what if my bin is full before the next collection?
The city is aware that some commercial premises create a large amount of recycling and, therefore, is offering the option of extra bins or an extra collection. To discuss your recycling collection requirements, contact the city’s waste department on 9387 0921. Please note: this option is for commercial premises and multi-residential complexes only.

Will there be an extra cost for me?
No, all changes are covered by the existing waste service charges.
How can I find more information?
For more information, contact the city’s waste department on 9387 0921.