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Community centre bookings

Please complete the community facilities hire application to tentatively reserve a City of Subiaco facility. Once your form has been submitted, the City will contact you to confirm your hire and finalise payment. 

For more information or to enquire about venue hire contact Lords Recreation Centre on 6229 6600 or

Community facility hire request

Applicant details

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Does the group/individual hiring the venue reside in the City of Subiaco?

Purpose of booking

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What is the purpose of the booking?:

Do you require presentation equipment?:

License and insurance

Will alcohol be consumed at the function?:

Will alcohol be sold at the function?:

Is the event ticketed?:

What type of organisation is making the booking?:

‘If you selected 'Registered not for profit' please upload supporting documentation. This should be either a Tax Exemption Certificate or a Tax Concession Charity Endorsement. Both are available from the Australian Taxation Office. Contact the booking officer on 6229 6600 if you’re unsure
Does the organisation have public liability insurance?:

If you have public liability insurance, please attach a copy of your certificate.


I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of hire:
I agree the booking details above are tentative until confirmed by the City of Subiaco: