City of Subiaco - Strategic land use and transport planning
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Strategic land use and transport planning

Local Planning Strategy

The Local Planning Strategy (the Strategy) provides the framework for integrated and sustainable planning and development for the City of Subiaco over the next 10 to 15 years. The Strategy forms the strategic basis for the preparation of the City's Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS 5).

In setting out the long-term planning directions for the City, the Strategy must align with state planning policies and strategies in the local context and provide a detailed rationale for the zones and development standards set out in LPS 5.

Subiaco Activity Centre Plan

The Subiaco Activity Centre Plan was adopted by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 20 September 2016 and a modified version was endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission on 14 November 2017. The plan is a ten-year strategic planning document that will guide land use and development in the Subiaco Town Centre.

North Subiaco Structure Plan

The North Subiaco Structure Plan was adopted by Council in May 2017. It is pending approval by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Transport, Access & Parking Strategy

The City of Subiaco has prepared a multi-disciplinary Transport, Access and Parking Strategy (TAPS) to provide high level guidance for all transport, access and parking initiatives. This ensures that the City’s approach to transport is consistent across different departments that deal with various transport matters. It is an integrated strategy that covers all modes of transport, and importantly, aligns with the City’s strategic land use plans. The document outlines a number of strategies and specific actions that the City will undertake.

TAPS was first initiated by Council in March 2017 for the purposes of public consultation, which concluded on 12 June 2017. The strategy was refined to reflect the submissions received and formally adopted by Council on 25 July 2017. A report is to be prepared every 12 months to update Council on the progress of TAPS, and the strategy will be reviewed entirely every four years.