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151124-EN-Iphone6-plus-HIGH-RES-print-(1).jpgFree parking in City carparks (COVID-19)

In response to COVID-19, the City of Subiaco has announced a $4 million community relief package, including free parking until 30 June 2020. Find out more

EasyPark - a smarter way to park

Motorists have the option of paying for parking via their phone at all city operated carparks across Subiaco using new technology provided by EasyPark - just look for the little pink and purple signs!

The system is available for use and it offers many benefits, such as:

  • save time - faster, more convenient parking with no fuss
  • save money - pay only for time used
  • you are in control -  extend the parking within the relevant time limits, if applicable, using your mobile or tablet device from wherever you are 

Interestingly, the average overpayment using coins or cards is around 25 per cent as drivers are concerned that the time will run out resulting in a parking fine (reference - This system will save parkers time and money.

Where can I use it?

All City of Subiaco car parks and parking stations are now fitted with signage which indicates that the service is available and the instructions for its use. Download a copy of the Subiaco parking map (PDF 4.8MB) for car park locations around Subiaco.

How it works

EasyPark users:

  • no longer need coins to buy a ticket and then display it in the windscreen (though the old machine are still available as per usual)
  • ​simply set an initial parking time, then enter the correct vehicle registration number and the car park reference code (found on signs and meters in the car park)
  • can also receive an SMS reminder before the parking time expires (optional)
  • can simply extend the parking end-time from where they are without needing to return to the vehicle (up to the maximum allowable time - see car park signs for terms)
  • can start the parking early in the morning before paid parking commences - with the service only starting to charge when the paid parking period begins
  • are responsible for starting and stopping their own parking transactions and ensuring that the parking area code they input is correct. If you lose your phone you need to let EasyPark know so that they can ensure the safety of your account

How to get started

First you must register with EasyPark – and once you have registered, you can begin parking immediately. Registering for the service is quick and easy using the free app, which you can download from the EasyPark website (external site). If you don’t have a smartphone, then you can register via the EasyPark website or call the EasyPark customer service team on 1300 734 070. You can use EasyPark regardless of the type of phone you have.

How do the rangers know if I have a valid ticket?

If a vehicle is parked without a valid ticket being displayed, then the city’s Field Services team will check the vehicle’s number plate (in real-time) against the EasyPark database to confirm whether a parking session is valid. Please ensure you enter the correct vehicle registration number when using the app to avoid infringement. 

How do I find out more information?

Visit the EasyPark website (external site) to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
If you have any issues or would like to provide feedback, please contact the city on 9237 9222 or

Who do I contact if I have issues using EasyPark?

It is best if you contact EasyPark direct regarding any issues you have with the system as they are the experts.
By email:
By phone: 1300 734 070