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The City of Subiaco has a number of advisory and other committees that exist to assist council in making decisions. Committees are established every two years following a normal local government election. 

While committee meetings are not open to the public, agendas and minutes from each meeting are published on the city's agendas and minutes page

Recommendations from all committees are referred to Council for consideration and determination. 

Policy and Priority Committee

The objective of this committee is to enable the development of the council’s strategic direction and priorities, determine the city’s strategic policies and facilitate the development of new initiatives. The committee is made up of the twelve elected members of council and meets monthly.

Download the Policy and Priority Committee terms of reference (PDF, 98KB).

2018 meeting dates

  • Tuesday 22 May
  • Tuesday 19 June
  • Tuesday 17 July
  • Tuesday 21 August
  • Tuesday 11 September
  • Tuesday 23 October
  • Tuesday 20 November

Disability Access and Inclusion Committee

This committee exists to help the city with issues relating to disability access and inclusion. Committee members include elected members, city staff, and representatives from the community who work with people with disability, and who have an interest in accessibility and inclusion. The committee meets twice yearly, or more regularly as required.

Download the Disability Access and Inclusion Committee terms of reference (PDF, 35KB).

2018 meeting dates

  • Thursday 20 September 2018
  • Thursday 21 March 2019
  • Thursday 19 September 2019

Economic and Business Sustainability Advisory Committee

This committee exists to help the city develop business strategies, initiatives and actions identified in the Economic Development Strategy. Members of this committee include representatives from the business community and the Western Suburbs Business Association. The committee is a key link between the city and its business community and meets every two months (with the exception of January and December). 

Download the Economic and Business Sustainability Advisory Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 79.8KB)

2018 meeting dates

  • Thursday 17 May 
  • Thursday 12 July 
  • Thursday 6 September 
  • Thursday 15 November

Property and Investment Assets Committee

This committee provides advice and recommendations to council in relation to the city's land assets, investment portfolio and influences on the city’s Strategic Financial Plan in respect to property and investment. The committee is made up of five elected members. 

Download the Property and Investment Assets Committee terms of reference (PDF, 94KB).

2018 meeting dates

  • Thursday 15 February
  • Thursday 5 April
  • Thursday 14 June
  • Thursday 16 August
  • Thursday 18 October
  • Thursday 29 November

Audit and Risk Committee

The primary objective of this committee is to accept responsibility for the annual internal audit and liaise with the city’s auditor so that council can be satisfied with the performance of the city in managing its financial affairs. The committee is made up of elected members and a representative from the community with relevant experience. The committee meets as required and at least three times per year.

Download the Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference (PDF, 100kB)

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