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Trees, parks and verges

Weed control 

The City uses chemical-free saturated steam to control weed growth in parks, on roads, footpaths, kerbs and other public places. Glyphosate is not used in any form of weed control. In some locations, safe chemicals are used to control specific weeds such as broadleaf in turf.  The City also proactively mulches garden beds to suppress weed growth and plants vegetation to outcompete weeds and reduce seed dispersal.

Weed control occurs when necessary, in appropriate conditions, and is not undertaken when it is raining heavily (or heavy rain is imminent). If you have concern about weeds in your area, please let us know.

Annual laneway pruning

Around July each year, the City prunes or removes vegetation growing within or overhanging laneways. The City maintains these areas to create safe clearances around fence lines and remove dead vegetation. Residents can opt-out of the City’s laneway pruning program, and are required to maintain vegetation to the City’s requirements. You can request pruning guidelines and exemption information through our online services.

Street trees 

The City recognises the amenity, ecological and environmental value that trees contribute to the urban environment. Verge street trees are managed by the City. It is an offence to prune, damage or remove trees located on council property without written approval from the City.

The City takes a systematic approach to the selection, planting and maintenance of street trees. The process was developed with a consideration to the city’s aesthetic and environmental goals, and taking into account site limitations, climate factors and physical characteristics of various species, both native and exotic.

As part of its Street and Reserve Tree Management Guidelines, the city:

  • selects, plants and maintains street trees, which enhance both existing and future streetscapes
  • creates a leafy and shady environment for the community to enjoy, while considering safety,  adjacent land uses and catering for vehicle traffic.

For more information on street trees please refer to the city's Street and Reserve Tree Management Guidelines.

Your verge

The City of Subiaco encourages residents to establish and maintain the verge adjacent to their property. The city encourages landscaping with low water use plants.

For landscaping development works to the verge that do not involve paving or any constructed elements please ensure the works comply with the conditions stated within the city's verge policy and management guidelines permission is not required.

Infrastructure and Verge Protection

The City of Subiaco applies Infrastructure and Verge Protection Bonds to all development sites ensuring the city’s assets are not damaged as a result of private development and construction, as authorised in the city’s published schedule of Fees and Charges. For more information please refer to the city's Development Sites - Infrastructure and Verge Protection

For more information on verge compliance criteria, the verge development assistance scheme and tips on how you can green your verge, please refer to the city's documentation below:

Other sustainability and environmental initiatives

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