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Residential waste

The city offers weekly waste and fortnightly recycling collection services for residents. Items that cannot be reused, recycled or composted should go in the general waste bin. Check out the 'Find my bin day' page to find your collection day. 

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Collection schedule

Use the 'Find my bin day' tool to find out your collection day.

Residential waste bins

Residents have a choice of two waste bin sizes:



120 litres


240 litres

$505.00 single bin
$555.50 per additional bin

* Eligible pensioners can receive a 50 per cent discount on waste service charges

Reduce the size of your waste bin and lower your waste service charge. To change your bin size, the property owner or legally appointed managing agent must send a written request to the city.

Your waste service fee allows the city to provide a range of services including:

  • weekly collection of waste
  • fortnightly collection of recycling bins
  • repair or replacement of broken or missing bins
  • two bulk verge collections a year for household items
  • green waste collection for residents
  • reduced fees on tip passes
  • supply of street and event bins
  • street sweeping
  • waste, recycling and sustainability education
  • administration services  
  • removal of illegal dumping.

Bin tips

  • place the bin out by 6am on your collection day
  • bins must not weigh more than 70 kilograms
  • ensure lids are closed to stop vermin scattering waste 
  • contents must be free-flowing (do not jam waste into the bin)
  • ensure bins are not obstructed by vehicles or other items
  • wrap moist/perishable foods in newspaper
  • freeze smelly food before placing it in your bin
  • return bins to your property as soon as possible after collection
  • clean your bins regularly to reduce odours and deter vermin.

A list of what goes in your waste bin can be found on the A-Z disposal guide.

To access the Health Act 1911 – City of Subiaco Health Local Laws 1999, visit our Local Laws and Policies page, click on the corresponding link and read points 40 to 85 (pages 24 to 41).

Residential recycling bins

For information about residential recycling bins, visit the residential recycling page.


Damaged bins

Included in the waste fee is the repair or replacement of bins – click here to register a bin request.

Tip passes

City of Subiaco residents are entitled to two discounted tip passes per property, per year, at $62 each. Each pass entitles the bearer to dispose of up to one 6x4 trailer of mixed household waste at the WMRC Resource Recovery Facility on Lemnos Street, Shenton Park. Tip passes are available from the city's Administration Centre for disposal of mixed waste at the transfer station.