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Bins and collection schedule

Bulk waste verge collection just got easier with Verge Valet

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The City of Subiaco offers weekly waste and fortnightly recycling collection services for residents, as well as weekly green waste collection. For detailed information on what items go in each bin, visit the sorting your waste page.

Find my bin day

If you're not sure which day to put your red-topped and yellow-topped bins on the verge, use the Find my Bin Day tool. Follow the link and type in your address to display your waste collection information. 

Bin services

If your bins were not emptied on their scheduled collection day, or you wish to request a bin replacement or bin repair, the city can help. Complete our online service request forms for

Waste collection

To find out about your general waste, recycling, green waste and the city's biannual bulk waste collection, visit the sorting your waste page

Bin tips

  • place the bin out by 6am on your collection day
  • bins must not weigh more than 70 kilograms
  • ensure lids are closed to stop vermin scattering waste 
  • contents must be free-flowing (do not jam waste into the bin)
  • ensure bins are not obstructed by vehicles or other items
  • wrap moist/perishable foods in newspaper
  • freeze smelly food before placing it in your bin
  • return bins to your property as soon as possible after collection
  • clean your bins regularly to reduce odours and deter vermin.