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How rates are calculated

The City of Subiaco charges property owners rates to fund a wide range of services from road maintenance and graffiti management to library services and community development.

Rates notices are mailed to all property owners annually with payment due within 35 days of the date of issue. The 2019-20 rates will be issued on 25 July 2019.

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Rates on properties located in urban areas in Western Australia are calculated using the gross rental value (GRV) method. A GRV is determined by the Valuer General in accordance with the Valuation of Land Act 1978 and is an assessment of the gross annual rent the property might reasonably be expected to realise if let on a tenancy.  

Council sets a rate in the dollar value and a minimum rate in the annual budget. The GRV of a property is multiplied by the rate in the dollar to determine the annual rate amount subject to a minimum rate. The minimum rate ensures that all property owners make a fair contribution to the provision of services to the community.

The 2019-20 rate in the dollar is 0.06702.

The minimum rate is $1190.

The fire and emergency services rate in the dollar is 0.014839. This rate is set by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

Additional charges

A separate charge is levied for waste collection and disposal (including recycling) and swimming pool inspections.

Waste collection and disposal rubbish fee (including recycling)

Standard residential waste service


240L residential waste service


Standard commercial waste service


Discounted waste collection and disposal rubbish fee (Pensioners and Commonwealth Seniors)

Standard residential waste service 


240L residential waste service


Visit the how to pay your rates page for information about concessions for Pensioners and Commonwealth Seniors.

Additional bin service fee

Extra standard residential waste service 


Extra 240L residential waste service 


Extra commercial waste service 



Pool inspection fee

Swimming pools - Reg 53, Building Regulations 2012
State Government legislation requires the city to physically inspect all private swimming pools at least once every four years to ensure compliance with safety standards. The City of Subiaco inspects approximately 25 per cent of pools each year. A fee reflecting the cost of this program is charged each year.

Change of property details

The city must be notified in writing of changes to property ownership or change of postal address details. Please quote the assessment number for your property from your rates notice in all correspondence.

For information about rates, contact the city on (08) 9237 9244 or email