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Parking permits for residents

nullAs many properties within Subiaco have no or limited access to parking and are located in streets that have restrictions, residents may be eligible to receive a residential parking permit to allow their vehicle to park on the street without having to observe time restrictions.

Only residents of Subiaco are eligible for permits and, unlike the majority of other local governments, are available free of charge upon application.

Prior to submitting your application for permits, you are encouraged to read the City’s Parking Permit Policy and the terms and conditions associated with permits.

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Residential permits

Residential permits are issued to residents on a needs basis only. These permits are issued if there is insufficient off-street parking available at the property to accommodate the number of vehicles kept at the address on a full-time basis.

A maximum of three residential permits can be issued per property. 

Visitor permits

Visitor permits are for short term use only for visitors to a residential property. Residents cannot use this permit.

One visitor permit can be issued per property, with a second available upon application and payment of a $31 fee.

Applicants who are owner/occupiers are required to resubmit an application for a second visitor parking permit every three years, with the requisite fee to also be paid.

Applicants who are tenants of the property are required to resubmit an application for a second visitor parking permit upon the expiry date listed on their permit, with the requisite fee to also be paid.


Permits are not guaranteed to all applicants, with each application assessed on its merits and against the City’s parking permit policy.  A complete application is required before permits can be issued. Incomplete or altered applications will not be processed. Each application is required to be accompanied with supporting documentation, including:

  • proof of identification
  • proof of vehicle ownership
  • proof of residency.

Proof of identification

Evidence of identity is necessary as only residents of Subiaco are eligible to receive permits. Proof of identity can be sighted by an authorised staff member, rather than be submitted. Identification can be provided as either:                         

  • a current driver’s licence
  • a current passport
  • a proof of age card.

Proof of vehicle ownership

To ensure that the correct type and number of permits are issued to an applicant, proof of vehicle ownership is required with each application for residential permits. As such, current registration papers for all vehicles kept at the property must be provided.  If a vehicle is registered to a third party, such as a business or relative, a letter of authorisation must also accompany the registration papers.

Proof of residency

As only residents of Subiaco are eligible for parking permits, the city requires proof of residency to be included with each application for permits. This can include a copy of a current lease, a recent rates notice or letter from the agent or owner of the property confirming residency. If the property is owned by a business, a letter from the owner or agent of this business must accompany the application as proof of residence.

Temporary Parking Permits

Upon submission of a parking permit application, a maximum of three temporary parking permits may be made available upon request to cover any vehicles parked on-street whilst an application is processed.        

Replacement Permits

Replacement of lost permits will incur a $31 fee, however stolen permits are replaced free of charge if a relevant police report is provided.       

Permit Renewal

Owner/occupiers will automatically receive their allocation of residential and visitor parking permits in December for the coming calendar year. These are valid upon receipt and can be immediately displayed. 

Tenanted properties are required to reapply each year to ensure permits are being provided to the appropriate person.

Permits issued to a tenanted address will expire to coincide with the end date listed on their lease agreement, but will not exceed a period of 12 months.


Information collected by the city through the parking permit application, is only used for this purpose or related services and is securely stored. Information will not be disclosed to any third party without the applicant’s written consent.