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Noise complaints

Creating a quieter environment

When it comes to making noise in your neighbourhood, the most important thing you can do is be thoughtful. People can generally cope with noise if they are aware of how long it will last and they are able to make alternative arrangements.  If you would like more advice, contact the City on (08) 9237 9254.

Dealing with a noise problem

If neighbourhood noise is a genuine problem for you, the first step is to try and amicably talk it over with the person creating the noise. In most cases, they will not realise they are causing a disturbance and will be cooperative. If this approach is not possible or successful, further steps and the appropriate contacts for different sources of noise are set out below. 

Before submitting a noise complaint, please read the following information:

Waste collection 

To avoid traffic congestion in the City centre, waste collection and street cleaning is performed outside normal business hours.


  • Vehicles creating unreasonable noise on private property are subject to the Noise Regulations.
  • Traffic noise from roads is exempt from the Noise Regulations. If individual vehicles are making excessive noise on your street, call WA Police on 131 444.

Submitting a noise complaint

The following complaints should be directed to the WA Police on 131 4444:

  • Traffic noise from roads
  • Noisy parties
  • Security alarms - including a house (action can be taken after alarm has been emitting unreasonable noise for more than 30 minutes)

For other noise complaints, submit a request via our online services. The following form will need to be submitted along with the request, Noise Investigation Form.  

Report a faulty streetlight

Streetlights within the City of Subiaco are owned and managed by either the City of Western Power. If you notice a  streetlight is not working as it should, please complete the street light fault form. For streetlights which are maintained by the City of Subiaco, most repairs can be completed within fifteen days of a report being received.

Graffiti removal 

The City’s free graffiti removal service is available for all private properties, both residential and commercial. To remove graffiti, the City uses high-pressure water, chemicals, sandblasting or painting over methods. If you notice graffiti, please notify the City by completing the Graffiti removal request online form.
To report graffiti, wilful damage or antisocial behaviour which is currently in progress, call the police on 131 444. Reports can be made anonymously to Crimestoppers WA through their website or by phoning 1300 333 000.