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Poultry and farm animals

ChickenThe keeping of poultry and farm animals, as well as pigeons and doves, in the City of Subiaco is subject to approval, with various conditions and restrictions.

Poultry, pigeons and doves

To keep poultry, pigeons and doves in the City of Subiaco, you must comply with the City of Subiaco Health Local Law 1999. A combined total of no more than twelve poultry and pigeons may be kept on your property, unless you are an affiliated person as defined in the city's health local law (PDF, 18KB)

Poultry is defined as being any domestic fowl or chicken, bantam, duck, goose or gander, guinea fowl, pheasant, turkey, peacock or peahen. All poultry must be kept confined in a suitable enclosure at all times.

Poultry may only be kept under the following conditions:

  • Poultry must be kept within a properly constructed and securely fastened structure.
  • Poultry shall not be able to approach within 15 metres of a house, or within 18 metres of a street other than a right of way, unless the city has approved a lesser distance.
All enclosures must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times (please see diagram below).

Chicken Coup Diagram
Pigeons and doves may be kept under the following conditions:

  • the birds are not to approach within 15 metres of the house
  • except where registered homing pigeons are freed for exercise, the pigeons or doves are to be kept in a properly constructed pigeon loft or dove cote.

Further information on the keeping of poultry, pigeons and doves, including the specifications for their enclosures, can be found in the local law.

Farm animals

To keep a large animal (such as a pig, sheep, goat, deer or camel) on your property, you must obtain written approval from the city.

Detailed information on the keeping of farm animals in the City of Subiaco can be found in the health local law (PDF, 16KB).