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nullIn 2011, the state government introduced legislation called the Cat Act 2011. The new cat laws aim to encourage responsible pet ownership and reduce the number of unwanted cats in the community. The requirements are state wide and will not vary between local governments.

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Cat Act 2011

From 1 November 2013, all domestic cats aged six months and older must be:

  • registered with a local government
  • sterilised (unless used for breeding by a registered breeder)
  • micro-chipped so they can be returned to their owners if lost, stolen or straying from their owner's property
  • wearing a registration tag issued by the local government where the cat was registered.

The act does not place any requirements on cat owners to ensure that cats are confined to the owner’s property. However, cat owners are encouraged to ensure their cat(s) are not wandering or causing a nuisance.

Registration fees and form

The cost for cat owners to register their cat(s) has been determined by the state government.
One year Three years Lifetime
$20 $42.50 $100

Pensioners will receive a 50 per cent discount upon production of a current Pensioners Concession Card, State Concession Card or statutory declaration quoting their pension number.

Complete the cat registration form (PDF, 854KB) and return it to the city’s Administration Centre to receive your cat’s registration tag and a Certificate of Registration.

Approval to breed cats

You will require approval from the City of Subiaco to breed cats, even for one litter. Approval is automatically granted to members of the Cat Owners Association WA, Feline Control Council of WA or Australian National Cats. You may be refused approval to breed cats if you have been convicted within the previous three years of an offence against the Cat Act 2011, Dog Act 1976 or Animal Welfare Act 2002.

To apply to become registered as an approved cat breeder, please contact the city and request a cat breeder application form.

Sterilisation and micro-chipping

Exemption from sterilisation and micro-chipping

If there is a health reason that prevents your cat from being sterilised or micro-chipped, documentation from your vet advising that surgery would have an adverse effect on your cat's health will be required when submitting your cat's registration. 

Benefits of micro-chipping

Apart from the legal requirement for all cats to be micro-chipped from 1 November 2013, it should be noted that micro-chipping of pet animals is a safe and effective method of ensuring that, if these animals become lost, it is an easy process to reunite them with their owners. The benefits are:

  • the insertion of the chip under the skin is a quick and painless procedure
  • the microchip cannot fall out
  • the microchip will remain ’active’ for the life of the animal
  • the procedure only takes a few seconds
  • your pet can be identified quickly if it is found.

More information

For information on responsible cat ownership refer to the WESROC cat ownership brochure (PDF 3.4MB).

Visit the Cat Haven website  for sterilisation and micro-chipping services, as well as news and events related to cat welfare.

Visit the Department of Local Government and Communities website for frequently asked questions about the cat legislation.