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Parking infringements


Under the Local Government Act 1995, authorised officers can issue infringement notices for non-compliance with the local laws. Enforcement is the last resort in the city's effort to ensure that it is as easy as possible for everybody to park in Subiaco and to move around

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Parking infringements

No one likes receiving parking fines, and most of the time they can be avoided. Some activities, whether attending appointments, shopping or just enjoying a coffee, can take more time than expected, and in these cases, using short-term parking may not be the best option.

Avoid an infringement

When driving in the City of Subiaco, it is contrary to the Local Parking Laws to:

  • park or stop in a no stopping area
  • park in a no parking area
  • park in a loading zone
  • park in a bus stop
  • park or stop in a disability parking permit bay without a permit
  • park or stop on a verge where signage prohibits such action
  • park on a verge without permission from property owner or occupier
  • park in bays designated for other types of vehicles (eg taxi or motorcycle)
  • park or stop in a right of way or obstruct private driveways
  • park or stop on a footpath
  • park facing against the traffic flow (headed in the wrong direction)
  • remove chalk marks on tyres
  • move the vehicle (once parked) and repark within the same street/area within one hour (the time limit does not apply merely to the space or bay occupied but to the whole street or car park.

Keep in mind these five basic rules, and you should be able to avoid an infringement

  • Make sure you take time to read the parking sign.
  • Check that you know the times you are allowed to park and allow yourself time to return before your parking expires.
  • Ensure you have parked your vehicle within the lines or area permitted.
  • Ensure your valid parking ticket is clearly displayed inside your vehicle before leaving.
  • Ensure your valid residential or visitor parking permit is clearly displayed.

Parking infringement options

If you have been issued with a parking infringement notice, you have four options:

1. Pay the infringement

  • Payment by phone on 1300 276 468 using Mastercard or Visa 24 hours, 7 days a week. 
  • Payment online
  • Payment by mail addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Subiaco, PO BOX 270, SUBIACO WA 6904. Make cheques or money orders payable to the City of Subiaco (do not send cash through the mail).

2. Request for the infringement to be reviewed

Infringements may be reviewed upon request by completing the online infringement dispute form.

It is important to note that this review does not affect the infringement due date.  It is important to include all evidence you feel is relevant to having your infringement reviewed.  Evidence can be, but is not limited to; photos, statutory declarations, breakdown reports or medical certificates.  Statutory declarations are more likely to assist your claim if they are made by an independent party and if they support rather than contradict evidence collected by the officer at the time of the infringement.

3. Nominate an alternative driver

If the owner of the vehicle wishes to nominate an alternative driver, they may do so by completing and returning the Blank Statutory Declaration - Driver Advice form. 

4. Do nothing

If an infringement remains unpaid, the matter will be referred to the Fines Enforcement Registry (FER) after which your driver’s licence or any vehicle licence held by the driver may be suspended. Additional costs will also be incurred once it is referred to FER.

5. Elect to have the matter disputed in court

To have the matter heard in court, the driver must elect to be prosecuted for the alleged offence in court by advising the City of Subiaco in writing.