City of Subiaco - ​Council recommends improvements to Subi East masterplan
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​Council recommends improvements to Subi East masterplan
Wednesday 23 September 2020

The draft masterplan for Subi East sets out a broad framework to guide future growth and redevelopment of the area for the next 20 years and beyond.
Subiaco Council has considered the plan and the City will now provide formal feedback to DevelopmentWA.
In general, Council supported the master plan which is underpinned by ongoing and extensive engagement with community and stakeholders.
Mayor Penny Taylor said the draft plan achieves some great community outcomes and Council has identified areas for improvement to achieve even better results for the existing and future Subiaco community.
The City is urging DevelopmentWA to reconsider some features of the plan and make modifications to improve and future-proof the redevelopment.
The draft Master Plan should deliver the 1.73ha of active playing fields which the City has been advocating for.
The City’s existing playing fields are at capacity and the Subi East Redevelopment provides opportunity for additional playing fields.
Outside the scope of this redevelopment, the City has identified that Perth Modern School oval (approximately 1.4ha) could be a suitable alternative option. The City will discuss with Department of Education the possibility of a shared user agreement to support the use of the oval for junior sport.
The masterplan should set aside land for a Cultural Space of regional significance.
The area near the heritage gates is identified as a civic space that celebrates Subiaco Oval as the historic home of WA Football. The City believes that an iconic and well-designed cultural space in this area would significantly improve this outcome.
Hay Street and Roberts Road should be converted to two-way traffic as part of this project.
This is a critical infrastructure upgrade to resolve traffic, public transport and walkability issues in the context of such a significant increase in population and activity, both for Subiaco generally, and for the Subi East Redevelopment Area.
The masterplan should provide clarity around building height.
Unlimited building height is a key area of concern for the City and community. Building height limitations should be clarified in the masterplan in discussion with the City and an upper cap should be implemented to provide certainty.
More consideration should be given to the Railway neighbourhood precinct.
This precinct has the potential to help achieve density objectives in the draft masterplan. Although this area is privately owned land, there are significant development sites with ageing apartment buildings that should be carefully considered to improve the outcomes in this precinct.
Improvements to the PMH neighbourhood precinct.
The notion of accommodating over 1000 dwellings within the PMH Neighbourhood is challenging. Further consideration should be given to shift building bulk, scale and mass towards Thomas Street.
Cap the railway reserve.
A significant portion of the rail link is already sunk below ground level which substantially reduces the extent of earthworks and makes railway capping a viable option – but this has not been sufficiently considered in the masterplan.
Include a commitment to sustainable development.
The City would like to see measurable targets for achieving low carbon development and appropriate climate risk management.
DevelopmentWA will consider all submissions it receives from the community, Local Government and State Government departments and service agencies before finalising the draft Master Plan.
Once the draft Master Plan is complete, DevelopmentWA will prepare design guidelines for each precinct, an infrastructure delivery plan and a subdivision plan for each stage of the development.

Subi East redevelopment fast facts

  • Accommodate more than 2000 new residential dwellings
  • Will be home to more than 4000 residents
  • $1 billion private sector investment in Subiaco
  • One of the State Government’s COVID-19 fast-tracked projects