City of Subiaco - Here’s when you can expect to get onto Subiaco oval
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Here’s when you can expect to get onto Subiaco oval
Friday 1 May 2020

Subiaco Oval will be open for general community use much sooner than expected thanks to an interim agreement between the City and DevelopmentWA.

Students at Bob Hawke College started using the oval for outdoor and physical education classes this week and the broader community should have access in the coming weeks.

CEO Rochelle Lavery said the City had approached DevelopmentWA to open the oval sooner than planned.

“During negotiations, the City identified the opportunity to open the oval to the community as an interim measure, while the long-term shared user agreement was being finalised. So we’re also working separately with Development WA to facilitate interim community use in the next few weeks,” Ms Lavery said.
The interim user agreement is expected to go to Council for consideration this month. Once finalised, the community will be able to play and exercise and walk their dogs on the oval – for the first time. 

Mayor Penny Taylor said community use of Subiaco Oval has always been the priority for the City.

“We know our community, and that of wider Perth, can’t wait to kick a footy on Subi Oval,” she said.
Negotiations are continuing for the formal, longer-term shared user agreement between the City, the Western Australian Football Commission and are being facilitated through the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.
In both the interim and longer-term agreements it is anticipated that Bob Hawke College will have access around school hours, with community use, including team sports and general public access, outside of those times.