City of Subiaco - Community drawings and messages bring some joy to hospital workers
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Community drawings and messages bring some joy to hospital workers
Friday 1 May 2020

King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) has received a colourful makeover to help bring smiles to the faces of patients, staff and locals during this difficult time, thanks to artist and Subiaco local, Kelly Canby.
After drawing pictures and writing nice messages for people passing by their house, Kelly and her son Will (who attends Subiaco Primary) were contacted by friend and author Renae Hayward who works at KEMH, asking if they’d like to do the same at the hospital.
“Of course I said, yes!” Kelly said. “I then messaged a few local families whose children I thought would be keen to help and we went and drew! We also painted rainbows on sheets of paper to be put in the hospital windows.”
Kelly said she hoped the art would help doctors, nurses and all hospital staff see how grateful everyone was for their efforts and that families from all over Subiaco would come down with chalk and leave a thank you message of their own, or paint a rainbow to go in the windows.
“Anything we can do to put a smile on the face of frontline workers,” she said. “They're the ones out there doing their best to keep us safe and healthy and they put their own lives at risk to do so. They should absolutely be applauded.
“We encourage everyone to go and add to our work! It would be incredible to see all the bricks on the front wall coloured and the street filled!”
Mayor Penny Taylor said this was a fantastic initiative that would help bring joy to both frontline workers and the community.

“Our frontline workers are doing an amazing job and we can’t ever thank them enough. I hope this project helps bring a smile to their face during this time,” she said.
The initial chalk drawers included: Will Canby, Kelly Canby, Kaif Khan, Raheel Khan, Annabel Rembalski, Amelia Rembalski, and Joanne Sealey.