City of Subiaco - Ward review to commence
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Ward review to commence
Thursday 19 March 2020

The City of Subiaco’s ward boundaries structure and elected member representation is set to be reviewed to address a current imbalance of representation – a result from the City of Perth Act 2016.
There is currently an imbalance in representation ratios, with the North Ward underrepresented by 13.33 per cent and South Ward over-represented by 26.91 per cent.
The review comes at the request of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and will consider a range of options to find a system of representation that best suits the characteristics of the current City and its community
The City last reviewed its wards and representation in 2018; you can see the full history of ward reviews in the below table.
Community consultation is planned to commence in April, with the formal submission due to the department for consideration by October 2020.

Timeline of ward reviews in City of Subiaco:

July 2016 - 

City of Perth Act came into effect, resulting in an extraordinary vacancy in the South Ward.

August 2016

Council resolved to recommend to reduce the number of Councillors in the South Ward from three to two, resulting in a reduction in the total number of Councillors to eleven plus the Mayor; this proposal was accepted by the Minister. 

August 2016 

Council resolved to undertake a review of its wards and representation.

November 2016 

Council resolved to recommend a revised four ward option with a total number of twelve Councillors plus the Mayor; this proposal was rejected by the Minister.   

February 2017 

Council was provided a further opportunity by the Board to resubmit another option. 

March 2017 

Council resolved not to decrease the number of offices of Council; this proposal was rejected by the Minister.   

September  2018 

Council resolved to undertake a review of its wards and representation.

February 2019 

Council resolved to inform the Board that it was unable to agree by an absolute majority on a change to the preferred number of Councillors and wards and was therefore unable to make a formal submission on recommended ward and Councillor structure. 

April 2019 

Notification that the Board had considered the City’s position and had resolved to request the City of Subiaco undertake a further ward and representation review and to finalise and submit by October 2020.

You can learn more about the ward review in the 17 March Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda.