City of Subiaco - Playgrounds and skate parks are now closed
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Playgrounds and skate parks are now closed
Monday 30 March 2020

The City of Subiaco has cordoned off outdoor play areas following an announcement from the Prime Minister last night.

The Federal Government advice is that playgrounds, skate parks and outside gyms in public places will be closed from midnight on Monday 30 March 2020.

To assist parents in passing the message onto little ones, the City has used rope, bunting and other visible means to cordon off play equipment.  Signage has also been installed around playgrounds and other affected outdoor areas.

All public drinking fountains in parks and on streets have also been isolated to help slow the spread of COVID-19.
The new physical distancing restrictions limit all indoor and outdoor public gatherings to two people (exceptions include households and family units going out together).

Australians have been told to stay home unless for:

  • shopping for food and necessities
  • medical or healthcare needs – including compassionate requirements
  • exercise in compliance with the public gathering requirements
  • work or study.

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