City of Subiaco - City swings into action to allow play equipment on verges
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City swings into action to allow play equipment on verges
Wednesday 16 December 2020

The City of Subiaco is updating its street tree management guidelines to allow swings and other play equipment on verges from early 2021.
A decision at last night’s Council Meeting to update the guidelines was carried after Mayor Penny Taylor initiated a review of verge and laneway policies regarding play equipment at the September Council Meeting.
The updated guidelines will allow for swings, rope ladders and other structures in sturdy and healthy verge trees so long as they don’t damage them.
Mayor Penny Taylor said it was great to see her motion actioned and was looking forward to the guidelines being put into play in the new year.
“This is a great outcome for all the kids and families in our community, and I’m glad to see common sense prevail to protect something that makes Subiaco a better place to live,” she said.
“Play equipment on verges helps to contribute to our sense of community, encourages kids to spend more time outdoors, and creates an opportunity for more engaging green space on people’s doorsteps.
“As long as play equipment is safe and keeps the street trees healthy, there’s no reason we shouldn’t allow something that brings so many benefits and so much joy to our community.”
The City is now undergoing a review of its laneway policies relating to play equipment to see if it could allow for equipment such as basketball hoops to be permitted in some laneways.