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The best street in Subiaco
Wednesday 8 April 2020

Social distancing isn’t so bad when your neighbours are this good.

Shanthi Golestani lives on Rupert Street in Subiaco and has proclaimed the 650 metre stretch of road to be ‘the best street in Subiaco’.

From friendly hellos to annual street parties, Shanthi said Rupert Street is a community.

“The kids play together at each other’s homes. Once my family took two hours to walk home from school, stopping to chat with neighbours along the way!” she said.

“There’s an annual Christmas party, and we also share Jewish and Bahai celebrations.”

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, households are staying inside more and maintaining neighbourly connections has become more challenging. But with a bit of innovation and a lot of love and care, the Rupert Street community is working together, to look after each other and the wider community.

“Recently we arranged donations to foodbank and made beeswax wraps which were donated to households.

“There have been lots of offers of help to each home, like helping kids with school via skype. We’ve also started a WhatsApp group to keep us connected while self-isolating,” Shanthi said.

Mayor Penny Taylor said the Subiaco community is full of generous and caring individuals and that’s what makes our City special.

“It’s more important now than ever to look out for each other, and neighbourly stories like this remind me how wonderful and caring our special community is,” Mayor Taylor said

“I commend all that are working together during this difficult time.”

Shanthi’s story was the winning entry for the City’s Neighbour Day competition. The City received many entries with wonderful stories, just like Shanthi’s about neighbours looking after each other. To hear more, follow our Facebook page.