City of Subiaco - ​Lords continues to help community, despite being closed
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​Lords continues to help community, despite being closed
Thursday 2 April 2020

The doors at Lords may be closed temporarily, but the dedicated team there are well-and-truly keeping their hearts open during this difficult time.
Lords Customer Service Team Leader, Elly, has been calling or sms messaging all of the centre’s 401 members over the age of 65 to check in with them and let them know that they are only a phone call away.
For some members, their daily Lords visit was their only outing, providing them with invaluable social interaction and connection, which they will now be missing as many people self-isolate.
Elly said she wanted to show their members that they still cared and wanted to help despite being closed, but didn’t anticipate how much she would miss their members, many of who were like friends.
“On every phone call, our members are so happy and appreciative and it honestly feels like we are just back in the centre having a conversation about literally anything under the sun,” she said.
“Not one member has been disgruntled by the call or sms; they have all been so thrilled and appreciative and one member even said: ‘this is what sets Lords apart from other gyms and I’m not even surprised by this call – please call back next week!’.”
Elly has now contacted 87 members out of 401 over the age of 65 years old, so if you haven’t had a call yet – it won’t be long!
After the closure, Lords Café Team Leader Jaimi also wanted to continue to help out the community and decided to donate their perishable stock to Homeless Healthcare on Cambridge Street.
The café team donated 18L milk, 10kg yoghurt, 15 dozen eggs and fresh vegetables to some of our most vulnerable community members.

Pictured: George, 87, usually attends Lords every morning before going home to care for his wife.