City of Subiaco - Transition to zero carbon fleet begins
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Transition to zero carbon fleet begins
Monday 16 December 2019

The City of Subiaco is set to reduce carbon emissions by 59 tonnes and save more than $20,000 in fuel costs in 2020, as it transitions to a zero carbon vehicle fleet.
The City received four Nissan Leaf electric vehicles and one Toyota Corolla hybrid vehicle recently, with three additional hybrid vehicles due for delivery in January.
The vehicles, which will be used as ranger vehicles and pool vehicles for operational staff, will enable the City to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions dramatically – a key action in two City strategies*.
“Transitioning the City’s vehicles to electric and hybrid options not only reduces our carbon emissions, which we know is important to our community, but also gives ratepayers better value for money,” City of Subiaco Chief Executive Officer Rochelle Lavery said.
The electric and hybrid vehicles are going to have a significant impact on carbon reduction, and the City has big plans when it comes to sustainability, with a draft Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan due to go to Council next February to guide the transition to becoming carbon neutral.

*Strategies referred to are the Transport, Access and Parking Strategy 2017-2022 and Sustainability and Resilience Strategy 2016-2021.


Pictured (L-R): Ranger Charlie Smith, CEO Rochelle Lavery, Mayor Penny Taylor and Ranger Robyn Browne