City of Subiaco - Steam weed control to replace glyphosate in 2020
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Steam weed control to replace glyphosate in 2020
Wednesday 11 December 2019

The City of Subiaco is doing away with glyphosate weed control in the City next year in favour of saturated steam after a successful trial period. 
The change comes after increasing community concern over the use of glyphosate on health and the environment, and council resolutions to consider reducing glyphosate use.
Reduction of the chemical’s use is also an objective in the City’s draft Environmental Plan, which was endorsed by council on Tuesday.
While saturated steam will increase weed control costs for the City by 60 per cent, it was deemed the most effective and safe alternative to glyphosate after trialling a number of alternative methods and products.
The tender for the steam weed control – which will commence in January 2020 – was awarded to GreenSteam at this week’s council meeting.
In addition to saturated steam control of weeds, the City proactively mulches garden beds to suppress weed growth and maintains planting densities to outcompete weeds and reduce seed dispersal.


  • Current chemical weed control costs are $133,000 per annum, non-chemical weed control will cost $212,000 per annum – an increase of $79,000 per annum.
  • Steam weed control will be used in select gardens, parks, streetscapes, car parks, laneways, kerb lines and green corridors. Some chemicals will be used to control specific weeds such as broadleaf in turf.