City of Subiaco - New strategy to help conserve, enhance and promote Subi's important heritage
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New strategy to help conserve, enhance and promote Subi's important heritage
Thursday 12 December 2019

The draft Heritage Strategy has been endorsed by Council this week to provide a clear framework and direction for the management of the City’s heritage into the future to ensure it’s conserved, enhanced and promoted.

The importance of the City’s heritage to the local community and a desire to see it recognised, celebrated and protected features prominently in the Strategic Community Plan, and further community consultation was undertaken to help shape the strategy.

The City has implemented a number of initiatives over the years which are planned to continue under the Heritage Strategy, including a museum and local history archive; heritage area studies that have resulted in the designation of a number of heritage areas with community support; and bi-annual heritage grants for residents.

Michael Cullingford has lived on Sadlier Street since 2014 and recently received a grant from the City for his 1925 property to help restore it to its original state.

“The heritage grants supported us in rebuilding the original verandah and restoring the front façade,” Mr Cullingford said. “While the grants only covered a portion of the cost, the support from the City did enable us to put a bit more into the restoration and be sure to do it properly.”

Mr Cullingford said if we failed to protect the heritage buildings and streetscapes then, in time, Subiaco would lose what made it special today.

“I encourage City’s staff, councillors, and residents to do what they can to preserve – and restore – the heritage that makes our suburb so unique,” he said.


Pictured: Before (left) and after the heritage restoration of 23 Sadlier Street.