City of Subiaco - Local Planning Scheme No. 5 approved
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Local Planning Scheme No. 5 approved
Wednesday 18 December 2019

Updated 7 January 2020

The Council wishes to advise that this news release does not represent the Council's views about the Minister's decision regarding draft LPS5 as notified to the City’s CEO by the Western Australian Planning Commission’s letter dated 12 December 2019 or about the Western Australian Planning Commission’s required amendments to the draft Local Planning Strategy. The Council’s views are contained in a subsequent news item on this website.

New local planning framework provides future vision for City of Subiaco

After years of planning and consultation, the State Government has made a decision on the City’s Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS5).

Minister for Planning, Rita Saffioti has approved LPS5 with modifications and the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) has approved the Local Planning Strategy with modifications.

The strategy and scheme outline the City’s vision to protect the character and charm of single house neighbourhoods and accommodate growth responsibly.

This new planning framework unlocks the development potential of the Subiaco Town Centre, Hay Street and areas around Subiaco Oval and the former Princess Margaret Hospital.

Mayor Penny Taylor said the City’s approach was designed to protect what we know and love about our City.

“We now have a comprehensive Local Planning Strategy informed by our community through extensive consultation and feedback,” Mayor Taylor said.

“Activity centres to assist local businesses to flourish, urban tree canopies with green links, transport networks and so on are all included to address planning in a holistic way,” she said.
It’s the first time in 20 years that the City of Subiaco has presented a local planning scheme for consideration.

Pictured: Minister Rita Saffioti and Mayor Penny Taylor

In consultation with residents, landowners, developers and businesses, the City successfully removed the blanket density imposed by the WAPC, which threatened character and heritage areas.

In the WAPC-version, more than 1600 lots in Daglish and Shenton Park were earmarked for density as high as R100. Through collaborative negotiations the City has removed the majority of density in these areas, leaving just over 200 appropriately placed lots with higher R-codes.

The new scheme prioritises growth around activity centres, transport services and the Subi East redevelopment, taking infill pressure off other areas.
The Minister congratulated Mayor Taylor for her collaborative approach to local planning and for listening to what was important to the Subiaco community in accommodating future population growth.
“Today’s announcement is the culmination of a large amount of work from community members, City officers and Council over the last two years. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and commitment to the process and in presenting an excellent outcome for our community,” Mayor Taylor said.
The new Local Planning Strategy and LPS5 will come into effect after the City makes the required modifications. A summary of these has been outlined below. The City has also published an updated scheme map with the Minister’s modifications to LPS5

Red lots indicate the modifications to LPS5 required by minister. To view the detailed scheme map, visit Have Your Say Subiaco.

Local Planning Strategy outcome

  • The WAPC supported the identification and protection of character areas, around Daglish, Shenton Park and Subiaco. These areas highlight the unique history and character of Subiaco ensuring that new development positively contributes to the surrounding areas.
  • The WAPC removed investigation and heritage investigation areas, supporting the City's continued focus on precinct planning. Precinct planning is a process of community consultation, research and investigation for a specific area to consider a range of detailed planning matters. Precinct planning can be used to inform planning policies and other statutory planning tools.
  • The WAPC showed overwhelming support for the City’s strategy with only 14 minor or textual modifications reflecting the above.

LPS5 outcome

  • The Minister supported the City’s removal of blanket density from more than 1600 lots around Daglish and Shenton Park.
  • Just over 200 lots have retained higher densities. These are generally located near the Shenton Park and Daglish train stations and along Onslow Road, in line with Council’s resolution in February 2019.
  • The Minister supported the City’s proposed zoning of Hay Street east, which encourages mixed use development. Opportunities for residential and business growth will enhance the vibrancy of east Subiaco and provide better connections to West Perth.
  • The majority of density increase is planned for Subi East, the town centre, along Hay Street, on major roads and in activity centres – taking infill pressure off character and heritage areas.
  • The most significant change is to an area in the South West of Daglish which has been increased from R25 to R80. 

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Contact City planning officers

To understand how LPS5 affects your property, you can book an appointment with a City planning officer at or 9237 9284.

Opportunity for further community consultation

There has been significant input from the community throughout the local planning review process so far. Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution. There is now another opportunity to be involved by contributing to a working group which will help draft new local planning policies. The policies are being reviewed to align with LPS5. To be part of this process, visit Have Your Say Subiaco.