City of Subiaco - A new era for Subi’s most iconic buildings
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A new era for Subi’s most iconic buildings
Friday 6 December 2019

Taking over an iconic building can be a daunting prospect, but two of Subiaco’s most well-known eateries have recently welcomed new owners who are keen to help revitalise Subiaco while also respecting its past.

Patrick Ryan is one of the new owners of Dilly Dally – a casual Italian that has taken over the site of what was an institution in Subiaco for many years, The Witch’s Cauldron.

Patrick Ryan and Jeremy Prus are the men behind the success story that is Lalla Rookh, but looked to Subiaco for their next venture because they love its communal village feel, and can see the potential.

“There’s a lot going on at the moment in Subiaco with the new high school, hotel, cinemas and the development of the old market site, and we feel that if we can offer a good product, the locals will support it,” Mr Ryan said.

Taking over an iconic building comes with community expectations and Mr Ryan said they were being respectful of what was in the space previously.

“There is a huge sense of attachment to the building for locals and for Perth people in general; we want to continue the tradition of it being a place for meeting and celebrations, just with a more modern feel.”

The Subiaco Hotel has also passed into new hands recently, with award-winning hotel proprietors, Dave Allan and Lawson Douglas, taking over the hospitality icon.

“As publicans with some background in heritage pubs, the Subi has always been a dream of ours to own,” Mr Allan said.

“We love the architecture and character of the building, and we have confidence that with a little care and attention, the precinct can again lift and be brought back to the glory days.

“We are thrilled to be the new owners of the hotel and feel a sense of responsibility to continue the impressive history of the building and business.”

City of Subiaco Mayor Penny Taylor welcomed the new business owners and their positive attitude to Subiaco.

“I applaud all the work these new owners have done, and are doing, to help revitalise Subi’s iconic buildings that are not only an important part of the City, but are widely treasured by our community,” Mayor Taylor said.