City of Subiaco - Perth Modern student named Honorary Ranger after act of kindness
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Perth Modern student named Honorary Ranger after act of kindness
Wednesday 6 November 2019

A 13-year-old Perth Modern student has been awarded the title of Honorary Ranger of Subiaco after he helped City rangers catch a lost dog and reunite it with its family.
The skittish dog had been on the run for five days with City rangers unable to get close to it, as it ran away from anyone who tried to approach.
Perth Modern student, Archie Taylor, saw it on his cycle home and, after spending some time riding beside it, it started to follow him.
He called the City rangers who noticed the dog didn’t seem to be nervous around Archie so, under officer guidance, Archie managed to slip a lead over its head and coax it into the ranger vehicle to be taken to Dogs Refuge Home. It was later safely reunited with its owner.
Because of his calm manner and quick thinking, Archie was presented with a certificate of appreciation and medal recognising him as an honorary ranger by Mayor Penny Taylor and Senior Ranger Charles Smith.
The City would like to thank Archie for his act of kindness.

Senior ranger, Archie and Mayor.jpg

Pictured (left to right): Senior Ranger Charles Smith, Honorary Ranger Archie Taylor, Mayor Penny Taylor.