City of Subiaco - Harry Potter, racing and pizza: a year in review from the Subi Voice of Youth
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Harry Potter, racing and pizza: a year in review from the Subi Voice of Youth
Tuesday 26 November 2019

Written by Tiani Ralph, SVY Member, and Mia Dorsett-Sawyer, SVY President
2019 brought about a highly successful year for the Subi Voice of Youth (SVY) that was brimming with exciting events and opportunities. 
SVY kicked off the year with a bang. Our first event, taking place in March, was the ‘famous’ Race Around Subi , that sees people of all ages competing in a tournament inspired by The Amazing Race. The SVY led the event, preparing team race packs, designing and running a challenge, sourcing a local band of young people, sourcing prizes, emceeing and coordinating all the registrations and teams on the day. This year was the biggest yet, with over 250 people competing.
After seven years of quiz nights, this year SVY mixed it up with our most successful quiz night to date – Harry Potter and the Subi Voice of Youth. The quiz had a ‘Honeydukes’ lolly buffet, ‘Great Hall’ table set up, elaborate costumes, themed photo booth, and competitive scavenger hunt to truly bring out the Triwizard Tournament level of competition! Tickets sold out on the day that bookings opened! SVY members run the event in its entirety from question writing to venue set up, and managing the crowds on the night.
This year for the first time, a panel of SVY members selected special awards from the Youth categories of the City’s Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists, Tim Winton Young Writer’s Award and Photographic Awards. SVY members Caitlin, Mia and Hasti also emceed the events, presenting the SVY Awards to the winners.
Other highlights from 2019 included emceeing the City’s Volunteer Recognition Lunch, attending the State of the Youth Sector Forum, emceeing the City’s NAIDOC Week Flag Raising and receiving Volunteer Service Awards during Volunteer Week.
SVY is currently at capacity with full membership and, at our Annual General Meeting in October, there was tough competition for our Executive Committee roles. We are so grateful for the successes we have had this year and in SVY so far, and look forward to what 2020 brings!


Stephanie Harrington
I joined the SVY in July of this year and thoroughly enjoyed helping to run the annual Quiz Night. The Harry Potter theme this year was very popular and I was thoroughly impressed by the lengths that some people went to with their dress ups! The SVY has been a great learning experience thus far, and has provided some great insight into the council processes required to organise and run a community event. I look forward to many exciting events next year!
Kalan Ralph
I’ve been a part of the SVY for seven years and over this time I have watched it grow and develop into a successful group, providing much joy and benefit for the local and wider community. I am so grateful to be a part of what makes everything the SVY has done possible. The events we have run this year have provided a challenge, but also a great opportunity to learn, which is something I value very highly. I’m excited for the next year and many more years of SVY to come.

About the Subi Voice of Youth

The SVY is a group of people aged 12-25, who are interested in issues facing young people in the local and broader community. If you’re interested in joining or finding out more, visit the City’s youth page or the SVY Facebook page. For further information contact the City on on 9237 9222 or