City of Subiaco - ​WAPC to consider LPS5 this month
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​WAPC to consider LPS5 this month
Friday 22 November 2019

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) has confirmed it will consider the City’s proposed modifications to draft Local Planning Strategy and draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS5) at its meeting on Tuesday 26 November.
The City of Subiaco will present a deputation, before the WAPC’s Statutory Planning Committee before it considers the documents behind closed doors.
In the City’s deputation, the Mayor, CEO and Manager of Planning Services will advocate on behalf of Council’s resolutions for LPS5 and the draft strategy, made between February and July this year.
The City will argue that the proposed approach is the best outcome for Subiaco because it is based on robust community consultation and consistent with the State planning framework. 
The City is currently reviewing its local planning policies to implement appropriate transitionary measures between higher and lower densities and to ensure that new development is respectful to established neighbourhood character.
The WAPC’s Statutory Planning Committee will assess the scheme and strategy against the State Government’s Central Sub-Regional Planning Framework.
The committee will also consider the allocation of residential densities surrounding Shenton Park station, Daglish station and Onslow Road; how the scheme manages the transition between different densities; and the amenity impacts of higher density developments on existing neighbourhoods. 


Updated 27 November 2019
The City of Subiaco was proud to present our Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme 5 (LPS5) to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) on Tuesday 26 November.
The deputation at the meeting was the final action the City of Subiaco could take to make Council’s position on the Local Planning Strategy and LPS5 clear to the WAPC, and for the Hon. Minister for Planning’s consideration.
The Strategy will be determined by the WAPC, with an outcome expected to be known in the next two weeks, and the Scheme will be determined by Minister Saffioti sometime after that.
Mayor Penny Taylor said she hoped the finalisation of the strategy and scheme would bring closure and certainty to the community.

“Today’s presentation was the culmination of a large amount of work from City staff, council and community members throughout the last two years. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and commitment to the process and in presenting an excellent outcome for our community.”

More information

In February 2019, Subiaco Council resolved to support the draft Local Planning Strategy and draft LPS5 with modifications to remove WAPC-imposed density from over 1300 lots in character areas.
In June 2019, Council recommended further modifications to the scheme and both documents were sent to the WAPC for consideration.
The scheme is backed by a rigorous community engagement process comprising two calls for feedback, 153 days of community consultation, 10 community information sessions and 1600 submissions that resulted in significant modifications to the original WAPC scheme.
The WAPC will make the final decision on the draft Local Planning Strategy and will then provide a recommendation to the Minister for Planning to make a final decision on LPS5.
Download the agenda for the Tuesday 26 November Statutory Planning Committee meeting.

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