City of Subiaco - Subiaco business grants give high street shops a facelift
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Subiaco business grants give high street shops a facelift
Tuesday 29 October 2019

A $30,000 City of Subiaco investment in twelve local businesses will give shopfronts a much needed facelift.

The full extent of the City’s annual Small Business Grant program was awarded to six businesses, including two restaurants, three creative agencies and an architect firm.

Each business owner will be matched with an industry specialist to develop a business improvement plan and receive a cash contribution of around $3000 to implement the plan.

Paul Zammit, Owner of Rokeby Road restaurant Lady of Ro, plans to add more outdoor seating and signage to better accommodate and attract customers.

“The idea is to make improvements that help to keep locals, local,” Paul said.

Paul will be teamed up with a customer experience mentor from Western Australian consultancy Terrific Trading to implement the changes and develop a plan that supports long-tern retail sustainability.

“First impressions can make or break the customer experience and the opportunity for repeat visitation,” Terrific Trading’s Director of Curiosity, Jurek Leon said.

Pictured: Mayor Taylor and Paul Zammit at Lady of Ro

Another six businesses, ranging from a jewellery retail store to beauty and hair salons, will receive financial support to carry out improvements to the physical appearance of their store or office, visual merchandising or sales and marketing activities.

Customers can expect to see upgrades to outdoor dining spaces, new wayfinding signage, website and social media development and better visual merchandising spaces.

The City received 72 applications for the small business grants which Mayor Penny Taylor said was evidence that businesses were looking for ways to adapt in the current climate.

“We’re doing everything we can to keep good businesses in Subiaco and make our City a sought-after destination to attract new businesses,” Mayor Taylor said.

“Business grants, along with free parking, free alfresco dining permits and our town centre events are some of the many ways the City is driving a healthy and sustainable local economy.”

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Small business grant recipients

  • Lady of Ro
  • Subi Fish & Chips
  • Peter Hobbs Architects
  • Fresh Finesse Food
  • Drawhistory
  • Inspire Public Relations
  • The Village Bar
  • Multi-Cultural Language Centre
  • Fablash and Beauty
  • Dance Classique
  • Carat Smart
  • Local Colour Hair Studio