City of Subiaco - The City’s commitment to active open space in the Subi East Redevelopment
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The City’s commitment to active open space in the Subi East Redevelopment
Tuesday 24 September 2019

A City initiative to investigate the construction of six active recreation sports courts on top of an underground carpark in east Subiaco was supported by Council last Tuesday night.

The courts would provide an additional 0.65 hectares (6500 square metres) of active open space – a community priority in the Subi East Redevelopment.

The 140 bay commercial carpark could form the basement of a potential future community facility that the City is investigating as part of a City-wide review of social infrastructure.

The carpark and future community facility – subject to further investigation – are a response to community priorities that were identified through earlier community consultation and visioning work.

Where did the idea come from?

In 2017, when the State Government announced plans to build a new secondary college on Kitchener Park, the City asked the community for feedback on different scenarios for Subiaco Oval. Based on this feedback and the North Subiaco Structure Plan, the City developed a community vision for the area, known as the Kitchener Common Masterplan.

The feedback identified community priorities for the Subi East Redevelopment including green space, access to recreation space and quality design and development.

In response to this community feedback, the Kitchener Common Masterplan includes a site for a possible recreation facility with sports courts, gym and underground parking that would interface with the new Bob Hawke College. (#15 on Kitchen Common Masterplan map)
Pictured: Kitchener Common Masterplan

In its negotiations with the State Government, the City secured a commitment in a Memorandum of Understanding from the State to investigate the opportunity for a co-shared multi-use community facility that would form part of the Subi East redevelopment.

In 2018, following consultation with the community, LandCorp prepared the Subi East Vision Concept which also identifies a site that could be used as a community hub for indoor sport, leisure and cultural facilities (#15 on Subi East Vision Concept). 

Pictured: Subi East Vision Concept

The potential site, on both the Kitchener Common Masterplan and LandCorp’s Vision Concept, sits between Bob Hawke College and Subiaco Oval.

The City is now fulfilling its commitment to the community by investigating the social, economic and commercial benefits of pursuing such an opportunity.



Kitchener Common masterplan identifies need for recreation facilities in east Subiaco


 LandCorp’s Subi East Vision Concept identifies a possible site for a recreation facility


Following discussion in series of strategic budget workshops the City sets aside $4.5M in 2019/20 budget as a provision for the potential construction of a basement carpark and recreation courts


Feasibility study and business case presented to council with a decision to investigate the potential carpark further

The next steps

The next steps for the City will include securing land tenure for the site between Subiaco Oval and Bob Hawke College, which is currently under State Government control.

Then, the City will seek a commitment from the Department of Education for a financial contribution and a shared-user agreement for the use of the recreation courts by Bob Hawke College and the community.

Traffic modelling will be conducted to assess the effect the project could have on access, traffic movement and parking.

Once the City has conducted further investigations a business case will be prepared and presented to Council for consideration. 

There will be an opportunity for community input before any major land transaction takes place and during the master planning phase for the Subi East Redevelopment.

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