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Have your say on heritage
Thursday 15 August 2019

The City of Subiaco has prepared its first draft Heritage Strategy and invites community feedback during the consultation period until Thursday 19 September.

The strategy sets out how the City will manage its heritage and deliver on its legal obligations under various legislation. It identifies important heritage projects, incentives, assistance measures and activities that protect, promote and celebrate our local heritage.
There are four key themes on which the draft heritage strategy is based:

  • Knowing: identifying, assessing and documenting our tangible and intangible heritage.
  • Protecting: protection of significant places and areas, appropriately developing the City’s heritage places, preserving the museum and local history collection.
  • Supporting: through incentive programs, advisory services, financial assistance, education and professional development.
  • Promoting and communicating: measures to raise awareness and appreciation of our history and heritage. 

Actions in the draft strategy include undertaking surveys to identify further areas and places of cultural heritage significance and providing an online facility for the community to engage with information relating to the history and heritage of their properties.

To comment on the draft Heritage Strategy, visit the Have Your Say website.