City of Subiaco - Community input at the core of planning policy review
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Community input at the core of planning policy review
Friday 23 August 2019

The City of Subiaco is taking a community-led approach as it prepares to review and update planning policies that will be used to implement draft LPS5 and ensure that new development respects existing neighbourhood character.

The City is prioritising genuine community input by establishing a community working group which will provide local knowledge and guidance to shape the contents of the policies.

The policies will help the City protect character neighbourhoods, manage the interface between high and low density and establish ground rules for areas where the character is expected to change due to a change in density coding under LPS5.

The new policies will specifically address apartment developments and developments for single houses and group dwellings. 

As early as next month, the City will call for community members to join the working group through an expression of interest process. The group should represent a variety of views and demographics and include local residents, landowners, building designers, developers and architects.

The City will use the input from the community working group to draft the planning policies which will then be advertised for wider public comment.

Our community has demonstrated an interest in future development of the City, so the City is continuing to demonstrate best-practice engagement and community-led planning.

To hear about how you can get involved in the community working group, sign up to the City’s monthly e-newsletter.

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