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Thank you, driver
Tuesday 18 June 2019

Each Friday, young resident, Sosuke would wait outside his home as City of Subiaco truck driver, Ian  conducted his weekly rounds in his truck, Wally the Waste Warrior.

Ian said the unlikely duo struck up a unique friendship that spanned several years, before Sosuke’s family returned to live in Japan.

“He came out every Friday whatever the weather, with his little gloves and flash jacket and he’d press the buttons [on the truck] while I put the bins on for him. He was very good,” said Ian.

Before leaving, Sosuke sent his friend Ian a thank you letter and a drawing. Sosuke also sent Ian a Christmas card for the past two years.

Image: (above) Sosuke's letter and drawing for his friend, Ian.

There are many children like Sosuke who grab their parent’s hands and wait outside for their favourite driver to pass by and say hello.

“They always come out and wave,” said Ian.

It’s not just the kids, either. Recently, Ian met an entire family who was there waiting for his arrival.

Ian loves his job at the City of Subiaco and he loves meeting the local community as he empties their waste bins. As humble as he is, Ian – and city workers like him – are grateful for recognition and appreciation of the work they do, no matter how young the resident may be.

The City of Subiaco employs around 400 staff across a broad range of services including building and health, economic development, community and cultural development, recreation, infrastructure, and waste and management.

Image: Ian standing beside Wally the Waste Warrior.