City of Subiaco - Subiaco opens the gate to re-instating turnstiles at Subiaco Oval
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Subiaco opens the gate to re-instating turnstiles at Subiaco Oval
Thursday 20 June 2019

Football may be gone but the City of Subiaco seeks to honour its cultural contribution, by supporting a push to have heritage turnstiles re-instated at the Subiaco Oval heritage-listed entry gates.

Subiaco Oval is a historically significant place for local residents and the wider Western Australian community. By advocating for improvements to the iconic entry gate the City is demonstrating its commitment to conserving and interpreting the Oval’s heritage.

Photographic evidence indicates that the original turnstiles were the same design as some of those produced for Perth Oval in the early 1900s. The original turnstiles from Perth Oval are currently being stored by the City of Vincent.  The City of Subiaco will work with the City of Vincent, Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority and the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage with the aim of having replicas of the Perth Oval turnstiles cast for installation at Subiaco Oval Gates.
The City is working hard to ensure that Subiaco Oval is preserved for community use for future generations. Following the demolition of the stadium, junior football will be played on Subiaco Oval and it is hoped that members of the public will be able to walk through the heritage turnstiles and gates in a nod to the 1900s.  

Image: The gates at Subiaco Oval