City of Subiaco - Subiaco community to have certainty on LPS5 next month
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Subiaco community to have certainty on LPS5 next month
Thursday 16 May 2019

Subiaco Council is set to make its final recommendation on draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS5) at the June ordinary council meeting, before the document is sent to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). 
Following a robust consultation period in 2018, council endorsed a modified LPS5 and asked the community to provide feedback on the modifications.
The 60 day consultation period closed on Tuesday 16 April. The city received 298 submissions.
City planning officers are analysing the public comments and a report will go to council next month, where council will make its final recommendation on the modifications to the scheme.
The majority of submissions supported the removal of blanket density and a number of submissions related to the interface between high and low density within the scheme.
Mayor Penny Taylor said the community was now looking for council to get on with the job.
“Many in our community are sick of the conflicts and division. Council in its February decision got the WAPC scheme off the table. That scheme is gone,” she said.
“Our community has been further consulted and while some are not happy, I’m hearing from many people that it’s a scheme that is modest and gives certainty and they want council to get on with it,” she said. 
“All the submission from our community are valid and will be forwarded to the WAPC with the supported city-modified scheme and any further modifications endorsed by Council,” Mayor Taylor said.
The WAPC will submit its recommendation to the Minister for Planning who will make the final decision on LPS5, and the WAPC will make a decision on the strategy.
The agenda for the June Ordinary Council Meeting will be available online closer to the date.