City of Subiaco - Could this 15-year-old be the future Mayor of Subiaco?
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Could this 15-year-old be the future Mayor of Subiaco?
Thursday 18 April 2019

If you’re wondering what young people in Subiaco get up to, you might find it hard to keep up.

High-achieving Shenton Park student, Niamh Walsh is a fifteen-year-old Subiaco resident who is busy studying and working, and was recently accepted for the YMCA Youth Parliament program.

Youth Parliament is an education program focusing on politics, law, civics and citizenship. 59 young Western Australians have been selected to take on the role of local MPs and will head to parliament to draft and debate a bill.

Subiaco superstar Niamh Walsh will represent her local community and is on the Multi-cultural and Indigenous Affairs Committee.

“We’re working towards a bill that will create acknowledgement and recognition through the school curriculum,” Niamh said.

“This is our country and we need to know our history. At school we learn about Ancient Rome but what about ‘Ancient Australia’?”

Niamh, a keen student whose favourite subjects are history, geography, economics and civics and citizenship, found out about the program through Facebook.

“My mum saw a Facebook post about the program on Mayor Taylor’s page and sent it to me to apply. I think it’s pretty cool that the Mayor is on Facebook,” she said, smiling.

Niamh recently met with Mayor Taylor to talk about current issues affecting youth in Subiaco and discuss plans for the future of the city. She said young people in Subiaco were lucky to live in such a great neighbourhood.

“We have everything in Subiaco. I live here, go to school here and work locally,” she said.

“I love all the different types of businesses and Subiaco has epic parks. My friends and I usually get food and hang out at Theatre Gardens. It’s a great park and the playground is so cool – it has the best swings,” she said.  

Niamh said she was taking part in the Youth Parliament program because she was passionate about her local area and it was important for young people to have a voice.

“I’m kind of a history nut so my favourite thing about Subiaco is the heritage recognition,” she said.

“Some people don’t agree with development, but I think Subi needs to move with the economy. I think the development of the Pavilion Markets is a great idea and I’m interested in how the history of the site will be recognised. The Pavilion Markets meant a lot to a lot of people.”

When asked about the future of Subiaco, Niamh said we were in good hands.

“Mayor Taylor is on top of it. She’s getting stuff done,” Niamh said.

“The future of Subiaco is exciting and we need to protect the history as we progress. I want to take opportunities to be part of the future, because I want to live here in the future – in a sustainable Subi.”

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Youth-Parliament,-Niamh-Walsh-and-Mayor-Taylor-(14).jpgPictured: Niamh Walsh with Mayor Penny Taylor.