City of Subiaco - The facts on dwellings and green space
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The facts on dwellings and green space
Thursday 28 March 2019

The Subiaco community has made it clear that appropriately located and well-planned density and preservation of green space are important considerations in planning for the future – and the City of Subiaco is listening. Find out more about the foundations of council’s decisions on future planning and where we are heading.

The finalisation of the Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS5) is expected to provide certainty and direction for the future growth of the City of Subiaco.

Mayor Taylor said the community had shown resilience throughout the lengthy, legislated planning process as the city adapted to the changing environment.

“The situation for Subiaco has evolved since the State Government first set minimum density targets in Directions 2031 ten years ago,” Mayor Taylor said.

“Then, when Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million was developed, football was still being played at Subiaco Oval and children were being treated at Princess Margaret Hospital.

“The original Local Planning Strategy and scheme did not account for a major redevelopment of more than 36 hectares in Subi East. We now have more information and more opportunities available to us and we are making the most of this as we plan for the future,” she said.

The council-endorsed Local Planning Strategy forecasts up to 5,450 new dwellings in the City of Subiaco-scheme area and 2,900 new dwellings in the Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme-area (Subi East) by the year 2050. 

Mayor Taylor said council’s planning decisions were a direct response to community feedback and considered more than just dwelling numbers.

“During consultation, the community directed council to remove blanket densities and pinpointed Subi East as a suitable site for appropriate density,” she said.

“The community also directed us to preserve green space and this is front of mind in all the work across the city.

“The State Government has committed to retaining the playing surface of Subiaco Oval for community use. In addition we are seeking further areas of active recreation space, a green belt that connects Mueller Park to Subiaco Oval and the inclusion of Subiaco Oval as a permanent entry on the state heritage list,” Mayor Taylor confirmed. 

“The city is working with LandCorp and the MRA to ensure that our community’s priorities are at the forefront as the master planning phase for the Subi East redevelopment begins.”