City of Subiaco - Reminder: LPS5 submissions need to address modifications
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Reminder: LPS5 submissions need to address modifications
Wednesday 27 March 2019

Last month, council adopted the draft Local Planning Strategy and proposed modifications to draft Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS5).

The adopted strategy is now council’s formal position and will soon be submitted to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). The strategy outlines how the city will accommodate 8,350 new dwellings across the City of Subiaco, including the Subi East area, between now and the year 2050.  

The scheme contains the detail about zoning and R-codes. Before LPS5 is finalised, the community has an opportunity to comment on council’s proposed modifications, including the removal of blanket density from more than 1,300 properties. 

To make a submission visit before Tuesday 16 April.

According to the regulations, all submissions need to address a specific modification in the scheme. The city has prepared a schedule of the modifications to assist those wishing to comment on specific zoning or density changes.

Mayor Penny Taylor said council’s proposed modifications were a direct response to feedback from the local community.

“We arrived at this position through community consultation, thorough planning and an understanding of the needs and potential for Subiaco over the next thirty years,” she said.

Following the submission period, council will make a recommendation and the modified LPS5 will be submitted to the WAPC along with all community feedback. 
LPS5 modifications map with explanation.jpg