City of Subiaco - Here’s what office workers in Subiaco are doing to keep fit
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Here’s what office workers in Subiaco are doing to keep fit
Thursday 14 March 2019

If you work in the Subiaco Town Centre you may have witnessed the Viridian Advisory Cycle Brigade rolling into work each morning.

Something of a health supergroup, the cycle gang takes advantage of Perth’s Mediterranean climate and the excellent end-of-trip facilities at their workplace to keep fit and healthy.

Self-proclaimed cycling nut and leader of the pack, Sharna Meinertz said cycling was not just encouraged at her workplace, it had become the norm.

“At first I was the only one who rode to work and I really encouraged everyone else to do it. Then one colleague started riding, then another and another,” she said.

“We are very lucky because there are great facilities at our office. We have really good showers, a bathroom to get changed and somewhere secure to lock our bikes.”

Viridian Advisory, a national financial planning organisation with 130 staff Australia-wide, has been doing business in Subiaco for six years.

Ms Meinertz said cycling was so popular at the Hay Street branch that half the office had signed up for the city’s Bike Week event on Wednesday 20 March.

“I’m an avid cyclist and I’m always encouraging others to cycle too. We’ve all signed up for the Bike to Work breakfast event,” she said.

“My daily commute is a 20km round trip. There is a faster route I could take, but why would I when each morning I get to cycle past the Swan River along Mounts Bay Road and through Kings Park.

“At work, they call me the ‘mechanical doper’ because I have two bikes – my regular bike and an electric bike,” she laughed.

“When I know I have a busy day at work or have meetings in the city, I ride my electric bike, but of course, I prefer my other one because I can go faster on it.

“We are a fit and healthy bunch at Viridian and we’ve committed to having a healthy start to the year,” she said.

The Viridian Advisory Cycle Brigade will be at the city’s Bike to Work Breakfast on Wednesday 20 March. You and your colleagues can enjoy a free breakfast too. There are still three days left to register. Visit

For more information about Viridian Advisory, visit their website