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Hello, neighbour!
Tuesday 12 March 2019

Go-getter Shenton Park resident, Marie-Lise Schläppy is spreading the love this Neighbour Day in a bid to connect more than forty residents living in her apartment complex.

Ms Schläppy moved to Shenton Park in 2017 and said Neighbour Day was a great initiative for building simple connections.

“Our complex has 48 one-bedroom units for singles and couples as well as some short stay rentals. I’m hoping to get to know my neighbours a bit better, and start to build a sense of community among our long-term residents,” she said.
“There is so much potential for sharing and connecting. I’m often travelling for work and recently bought my first plant. It would be great to ask a neighbour to help look after it while I’m away instead of dropping it off to friends in other suburbs.”

Ms Schläppy said making neighbourly connections came with surprisingly sweet perks and also had environmental benefits.

“One of my neighbours works at the local bakery and every now and again he brings home cake to share,” she said.

“I’ve been making kombucha and have scoby to share if my neighbours are looking to get started.

“Another neighbour has a worm farm and lets me drop off my food waste to her house for composting.”

Ms Schläppy received a Neighbour Day Grant from the City of Subiaco to help host a morning tea and afternoon tea for residents in her complex. 

“The grant process was simple and $100 goes a long way on cookies and coffee,” she said.

“I’m hoping to create a Facebook group for the complex after the event so we can continue to communicate with each other. It could be a place to share information, give away unwanted items and organise group outings to the park or free summer concerts.”

Sharing, caring and building connections are what makes healthy neighbourhoods thrive and good neighbours like Marie-Lise are leading the way.

In the words of Barry Crocker “everybody needs good neighbours”.

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