City of Subiaco - Update on ward and representation review
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Update on ward and representation review
Tuesday 26 February 2019

At its meeting on 12 February 2019 Council reconsidered options in its review of ward boundaries and councillor representation, after no definitive outcome was reached in previous meetings.

The Elected Members’ motion moved by Councillor McMullen, to inform the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) that the Council was unable to agree on a change to the preferred number of Councillors and wards, was passed unanimously.

This means that the Council will now send all relevant information and public submissions to the LGAB for their consideration of the matter. It is expected that the LGAB will make their decision prior to the next City of Subiaco elections in October 2019.

A review of ward boundaries and councillor representation was required in the City of Subiaco following the change in council area boundaries and the consequent reduction in elector numbers on 1 July 2016.

A local government with a ward structure must achieve a balanced ratio of councillors to electors across all wards. In the current structure, electors in the north and central wards are underrepresented and those in the south ward are overrepresented. The review aimed to correct this imbalance before the next local government elections.

You can read the minutes from the 12 February Ordinary Council Meeting here.