City of Subiaco - Pavilion Markets, Ward Review, Strategic Financial Plan to be discussed at first public council brie
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Pavilion Markets, Ward Review, Strategic Financial Plan to be discussed at first public council briefing
Friday 1 February 2019

A new approach to council meetings means you will have access to more information on council agenda items prior to the final decision.

In November last year, council adopted a new format for its 2019 meetings, with the first ordinary council meeting cycle set to start next week.

The more transparent format includes a council agenda briefing forum, held one week prior to each ordinary council meeting.

The briefing forum is an opportunity for councillors to receive information on agenda items and ask questions of officers. The forum also provides the opportunity for invited deputations by external advisors, development applicants and the community.  

CEO Rochelle Lavery said the new format provided residents with a better view of council’s decision making processes.

“We’re seeing more and more residents showing an interest in their local government and wanting information about issues that affect them,” Ms Lavery said.

“This new approach means community members can observe the city’s due diligence practices and better understand the reasoning behind council decisions.

“Local governments across the board face the challenge of providing timely and transparent information to the community, while meeting the requirements and processes within the Local Government Act,” she said.

Those present in the gallery are invited to observe the proceedings and listen to elected members as they ask questions and request more information about agenda items. There will be no formal council debate at the briefing forums.

The Pavilion Market site development application, ward review and the city’s ten-year Strategic Financial Plan are on the agenda for the first briefing forum, to be held at 5pm on Tuesday 5 February.

To view information for the upcoming council agenda briefing forum, visit the agendas and minutes page. Items discussed at this forum will be presented at the ordinary council meeting on Tuesday 12 February.